La Bella Romana Bakery

Our fine Italian bakery features homemade cakes, frosting, fillings, cookies, breads, and so much more! Try our famous authentic Italian cookies and gourmet cupcakes. One visit and you will agree -- La Bella Romana Bakery will take you back to the days of the small neighborhood bakery!


Pastries and Sweets

RomanaSome would argue a bakery isn't really a bakery without the sweet stuff. From parfaits to muffins, brownies to cannoli, we've got you covered in the sweets department. A variety of made-from-scratch breakfast treats and dessert favorites are baked fresh daily. Grab just one to enjoy with your coffee or a dozen to take to the office -- it's a delicious way to celebrate birthdays or special occasions!

Homemade Cookies

RomanaLa Bella Romana Bakery offers a wide selection of European-style cookies, and our butter cookies will melt in your mouth. We also have a seasonal selection of fresh-baked cookies on hand and ready to make any event a festive occasion.

Homemade Cakes and Cupcakes

RomanaWhen they are soft and moist, sweet and decadent, who can resist a tempting cake? A single glance at the cake display and you'll be faced with a very difficult decision...After all, with so many wonderful options it can be hard to select just one! Included in the line-up are our famous Tiramisu cake, our Cannoli cake, German Chocolate cake, Carrot cake, and various Torte cakes. So, whether you want a single slice to satisfy a personal craving or you are having a lawn party for 80 and want to serve a dessert that guests will be raving about for months, never worry! Our bakery is prepared to delight everyone's taste buds.

Homemade Breads and Rolls

RomanaWhat meal is complete without a slice of fresh baked bread spread with rich, creamy butter or dipped in your favorite extra virgin olive oil sprinkled with freshly grated Parmesan and cracked pepper? What could possibly be better than a nice warm roll with your turkey dinner or a perfect piece of garlic bread with your pasta? We bake a number of rolls and breads fresh every day to complement any meal. You will certainly enjoy our homemade focaccia bread, and we are always baking fresh Cuisine De France breads and rolls. Our La Bella Romana Bakery is truly a place to forget about your diet and indulge your taste buds. Not only does it all taste delicious, it is also ever-so-beautiful to gaze upon.