Elmwood Park

Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets
2400 N Harlem Ave
Elmwood Park, IL 60707
‍Phone Number: (708) 453-0155
6am – 9:30pm
Tue: 6am – 9:30pm
Wed: 6am – 9:30pm
Thu: 6am – 9:30pm
Fri: 6am – 9:30pm
Sat: 6am – 9:30pm
Sun: 6am – 9:30pm

Visit Elmwood Park’s Most Historic Grocery Store

In 1958, on the corner of Harlem and Wrightwood, an Italian emigrant looking to live out the American dream opened “Caputo’s New Farm Produce and Italian Specialties,” which would later become, and is still, known as Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets. Caputo’s patrons, loyal from the beginning, would line up outside the store to wait for the fresh produce to arrive from the market, where Angelo started his mornings bargaining for the best prices for his customers.
We’ve come a long way and grown in size, products, and locations since our first store, that wasn’t much more than a local fresh fruit and vegetable market. In 2010, after much contemplation, we made the momentous decision to move from our original storefront at the corner of Harlem and Wrightwood, and open a bigger store just down the street on the corner of Harlem and Grand. This new location would allow us to better serve our customers with more products, more room, and more parking spaces. On October 14, 2021, Harlem and Grand will be officially named “Honorary Angelo Caputo Way” to pay tribute to our founder and his dedication to providing quality food and service to the Chicagoland area.
We still make it our highest priority to cater to our community that has been here since the start and operate with the same principles and values instilled in us by our founder.

Photo of old Elmwood Park location
Photo of Caputo family at street dedication ceremony

Elmwood Park Village History

Elmwood Park got its quaint beginning when city-dwellers began migrating out of Chicago to have family picnics in the grove of 180 year old Elms, near Harlem and Irving Park Road. Over time, more and more local spots began picking up the name Elmwood, after that grove of trees. Thus, when the village’s representatives were being pushed to incorporate in the spring of 1914, they decided to legally adopt the name Elmwood Park. Since then, the village has grown into a vibrant community with a large Italian-American population, and growing Polish-American and Hispanic communities.
The village boasts a variety of activities to partake in, such as visiting the Wonder Works Children’s Museum, or the Cernan Earth & Space Center. Visitors can also take a hike or picnic in any of Elmwood’s wooded areas, including Schiller Woods and Thatcher Woods, amongst others.


Not sure how to get here? Here are a few different routes you can take to get to our location!
If you are coming from the city, take I 90 up to the W Fullerton Ave exit and you can take that road all the way till it intersect with W Grand Ave. Our Elmwood Park location is on the corner of Grand Ave and Harlem Ave, so you can take Grand Ave the rest of the way to our store.
If you are coming from the West, there are three routes you can take. You can follow W Grand Ave to the corner of Harlem, where our store is located. You can take W North Ave until you hit Harlem, and take that North until you arrive at our store.
The last route is to take I 290 West until the Des Plaines Ave exit. From there, you can turn right onto Randolph St and take it until you hit Harlem, which, as you probably know, you’ll follow North until you arrive.
If you are traveling from the South or the North, you can follow Harlem all the way to our store!

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No matter how you get here, we can’t wait to see you at our Elmwood Park location, where our tradition of fresh food and quality customer service began! Please, contact us for any questions regarding directions, products, or hours.